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Dynamic 3D Images

Arb23 2018-08-31 02:56:51

I wish to place perspectives into Working Drawing sheets. However I don't want to keep updating the 3D image manually (by rendering) every time I edit the model.

Why can't I place an "Interior & Exterior" directly on to my Working Drawing sheet. and have it dynamically update as everything else does?

It would also useful if I could "screen shot" an "Interior & Exterior Photo" so i don't have to keep trying to match views every time I want a screen shot. Screen shots are generally more useful than Renderings.


Tony 2018-08-31 09:23:47

Hi Anthony, thanks for your question.

You can always generate screenshots in any of the Project Levels, 3D Views, or Drawing model nodes by simply pressing the "s" key on the keyboard.

See this illustration 8_1535700204_photo_screenshot.png

Try it out and let us know how it goes.