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How to draw a custom metallic panel

Maurice 2017-10-20 15:54:31

I'm sharing a new technical support request with our users.

How to define a custom metallic panel

To create a metallic panel with a metallic effect, simply proceed as follows:
1] Open the "User" BIM Objects library ;
2] from the objects menu select "PANEL";
3] On the left hand side of the objects navigator, do a right mouse button click > Add > Folder;
4] Name the folder;
5] Right mouse button click on the folder > Append > "Customized" (in alternative choose a preset form);
6] From the apposite Toolbar choose "Edit Boundary", draw the Brush shape and confirm with "Finish";
7] From the "Properties" toolbox choose Dimensions, Materials, Frame, Cells, etc.
8] Confirm the object creation with the green tick.

Click HERE to download an example file with a preset metallic panel (unzip the .zip file and then open the folder)

Click HERE to download an example and then unzip the file into a folder