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Publishing and sharing your 3D BIM Model to the BIM Voyager online Platform using Edificius-VR for integrated collaboration

Maurice 2017-07-19 09:35:52

Here's another really interesting technical support request.

I would like to show my customer a virtual simulation of a BIM model in a 3D environment and would like to publish it on Edificius-VR, how can I access this service?

To publish and view your project on Edificius-VR, simply follow these easy steps:
1] From the Project Navigator > 3D VIEW, select "3D (default)" or "Perspective (PlayStructure)" or select "RTBIM" from the "REAL TIME RENDERING" node;
2] From the Toolbar, click "Share" and then on "Edificius-VR" ;
3] Logon using your "e-mail" and "password";
4] Enter a "Title" and a project "Description";
5] Now confirm clicking on "Publish";
6] The model is now uploading to Edificius-VR in background. Check the upload status from the "Edificius-VR" icon on the
"System Tray" (bottom right hand side);
7] When published, you'll receive an email notification with a link to your published project;
8] The model will open within your internet browser from which you can navigate around and/or inside the structure.

Access the BIM voyager platform, to explore a project published using the Edificius-VR BIM collaboration tool.