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Frame repitition

Maurice 2017-06-09 09:37:44

Here's another post regarding windows and customisation aspects

If I modify the size of a window (for example: Fixed [Rectangular]), the frame is repeated both in vertical and horizontal. How can I avoid this effect and simply expand the whole frame to the desired size without any repititions?

To disable the fram repitition effect when re-sizing a window, simply follow this procedure:
1] From the Navigator select the "Project BIM Objects Library";
2] Select the category of interest, in this case, "Windows";
3] Do a double click on the "Window" to edit;
4] From the "Properties" toolbox > "Structure" select "Frame";
5] In the "Panel" section select "repeat frame";
6] Fro the combo box choose the type of frame repitition effect, in our case "None";
7] Now go to the 3D View (Default) or in the Levels and modify "Window" adapting its dimensions.

Frame repitition example:

Frame without any repitition: