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Aligning the 360° panorama background to Terrain level

Maurice 2017-05-19 15:13:59

Here's a new technical support issue that I wanted to share with our Edificius users.

In the RTBIM view the terrain part in my 360° pano photo isn't aligned with the terrain set up in my model. Is there a way of fixing this?

To align the modelled terrain to the terrain in your 360° pano photo, simply proceed as follows:
1] Open the RTBIM (Real Time rendering) View;
2] Using your computer's "Ketboard", keep the "Ctrl" key pressed;
3] Now press "Pag UP" and/or "Pag DOWN" to "raise" and "lower" the terrain level in relation to the rest of the model;
4] continue to adjust the elevation until the desired result is obtained.

Here are a few examples showing the adjustments made "BEFORE" and "AFTER" the alignment process: