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How to publish content to the Online BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY

Maurice 2017-02-23 18:47:31

Here's a new technical support request

I've created a new custom "Texture", but also a few 3D models etc., and would like to share it with the community through the Online BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY. What do I need to do?

In order to post an Edificius object and/or texture to the online "BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY", simply proceed as follows:
1] From the project and/or User BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY, start off by selecting the object you want to publish;
2] From the object's management Toolbar select "Pubblish to On-Line BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY" ;
3] Now enter your account login credentials (username and password) supplied by ACCA software after registration;
4] Select a "Category", "Title", "Description" and "Tags" and click "Continue";
5] After completing the upload process to the On-Line BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY, you'll be able to see a preview. The object is now shared with the entire ACCA community.