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How to sub-divide a cost estimate into 'Categories or Work sections (CAWS)'

Maurice 2017-02-23 18:44:05

Here's a new topic that I wanted to share with our users.

Is there a way to re-organise and assign Work Sections or Category names to a cost estimate generated in Edificuis?

The edificius "Estimating" environment now provides specific functions to assign up to 3 different levels of organisation to each Item. These are "SuperCategoriea", "Categoriea" and "SubCategories".
To assign a category to a Measurement item, simply proceed as follows
1] open the "ESTIMATING (PriMus)" environment;
2] select an entity to insert in the estimate;
3] open the "Price List" clicking on , search for the appropriate price list item, drag it over to the toolbox on the left hand side onto the previously selected entity type's name;
4] open the drop down menu box and select the "SuperCategory", "Category" o "SubCategory" if already presen in the box or click on ".......add" to add your own category description;
5] confirm by pressing the green tick to continue with the quantity take-off process.