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Viewing a Video in a TV or Monitor object

Maurice 2016-10-24 15:27:45

Here's an interesting technical support case that I wanted to share with our users

I've used one of the TV objects available as a 3D Model in the General Catalogue but I can't see the video Animation for presentation purposes. what am I doing wrong

These 3D Model types already come with a selection of Video to make your presentations even more lifelike but they can only be viewed when in the Real Time rendering environment. To see these 3D Models with running video, proceed as follows
- Insert one of the TV or Monitor models, available in the General Catalogue, in a "LEVEL" or "3d View (default)";
- From the "Project Navigator" select the "Real Time Rendering" node;
- now do a right mose button click and select "Add Real Time Rendering";
- Now when you view your scene from an appropriate position, you'll see that when looking at your Tv or Monitor object, it has a running video on the screen.