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Creating transparent areas within TEXTURES

Maurice 2016-09-07 15:26:27

Here's another interesting Technical Support case for our Users

I need to represent transparent areas within a material that I'm using. How do I proceed?

In order to create a hole in a texture map, simply proceed as follows:
- With an image editing software create a new file with a 1024*1024 resolution;
- Apply a "WHITE" color background;
- Now draw the shapes that you want to represent as "HOLES" in Black;
- Save the image in the .png, .jpg, .bmp etc;
- Open Edificius and go to the CATALOGUE node (USER or PROJECT) and under materials and colours load your custom material;
- Select the TEXTURE and under "Properties" go to the "Transparency" section;
- In "Transparency" select "Perforations/holes" > "Image" and upload the image that you previously created;
- cofirm and now Apply TEXTURE to the desired object;
- View the effect in the RTBIM view.

Here's an example texture "TEST":