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Importing and Exporting the BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY

Maurice 2016-09-02 12:52:56

Here's another interesting Technical Support case that I wanted to share with our users.

Is there a way of transfering the USER BIM Objects Library from one PC to another.

Yes you can easily transfer the User BIM Objects Library by following this easy procedure:
- From the Project navigator, select the USER BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY (on the Source PC);
- Select "Export";
- Save the library to file in a user folder (e.g. "my Library");
- now transfer the "my library.bol" file to PC 2;
- Launch Edificius on PC 2 and create a "new document";
- Now select the User BIM Objects Library node in the Project Navigator;
- select "Import";
- browse to find your previously exported Library File "my Library.bol";
- now simply wait for the import process to complete.

Click HERE to see a video on this topic

N.B. You can also repeat this procedure for the Project Library or for single elements by simply doing a right mouse click on each object and selecting "Export Elements".