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New ACCA products distribution method with fixed time based license subscription plans

Giuseppe 2016-07-07 10:58:02

Dear ACCA customer,
first of all, thank you for the trust that you have shown towards our company, our products and services. Since 2013, ACCA has started offer software solutions to the international market with a very innovative distribution system and which have received a great consensus in the construction, architecture and engineering industries worldwide.

The Edificius Architectural BIM design software, the PriMus construction estimating software, together with EdiLus, the structural engineering software, have been downloaded and used by hundreds of thousands of professionals using the Free UPP distribution system.

What have our customers asked for in these years?
1) professional and high-performance software
2) very affordable software, but with a well-defined cost

By answering these needs, ACCA has come up with new solutions for 2016.

As from July 2016
, we’ll be launching the new Edificius, the first 3D Architectural BIM Design software integrated with Real Time rendering and the new ACCA software sales distribution system allowing users to purchase any software with a time-period based subscription plan license (pay as you go).

With these new license subscription methods, you now know exactly how much you’re spending and for how long while retaining the benefits of the previous sales system (FreeUPP) by means of highly convenient subscription plan costs allowing you to save money in comparison to other competing solutions. Paying a fixed-time license subscription plan, for instant access to latest product releases and updates, there are no extra costs for printing or other services.

All those who have a remaining Free UPP account balance, can still continue to spend their credit for printing and exporting documents for another 6 months from when the Free UPP system is suspended as stated in the software user license provisions. Clients can in fact use up their remaining credit by the 7th January 2017. Any remaining credit after this date cannot be used anymore, nor will it be refunded. Beyond this date, continuing to use the Free UPP software solutions will be considered as illegal, therefore, users must either proceed to updating the software (as always for free) or uninstalling it from their PCs.

ACCA also offers its existing customers extra advantages for those that update to the latest software versions: by updating your software immediately, together with the latest extraordinary features, you also get unlimited document prints and exports until December 7th 2016. So make sure you update straight away to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

For further details regarding subscription options and downloading the new software solutions, please visit our website at:

Yours sincerely

CEO ACCA Software S.p.A.

Guido Cianciulli