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Inserting a recess in a wall

Maurice 2016-03-30 15:13:15

Here's another interesting technical support case for our users.

I'm trying to insert a recess in a wall element, how do I proceed?

To model a "Recess" you can proceed as follows:

1] Open the 3D View (default);
2] select the Hole object from the Architectural elements menu;
3] from the "Properties" toolbox > "Geometry" choose the "Shape" type and its size;
4] customise the hole adding a surrounding "frame" or a "sill" if necessary;
5] activate the "Recess" option and type in a thickness, the alignment and offset;
6] do a left mouse button click on the wall and in the desired position where you want to add the recess/hole;

Click HERE to see a video