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Panning around the drawing

BrentPaul 2016-03-28 06:33:28

I haven't used CAD programs in a VERY LONG time so it's good to see how much they've progressed. The BIM concept should have happened way back in 1995 or so. Shame on AutoCAD for misdirecting the worldwide drafting fraternity back then!

By comparison, Edificius looks very capable. ***** Thanks for offering it as the Free UPP Model. I'm excited to be learning it.

Anyway, I'm just getting the hang of Edificius and in the 'Function keys – The Shift key' video I noticed the speaker was using the mouse to PAN around the drawing. What keystroke/combination do I use to PAN?

Also, when I drag my mouse to select objects, or an area to zoom into, the selection marquee (selection rectangle) doesn't display. Is that a default setting somewhere that is switched off?


John 2016-03-29 19:00:23

The selection rectangle is always active (is not necessary to activate it) if it is not displayed correctly, it could depend to an inappropriate video card.
Try to:
1. update your video card's driver to the most recent version downloading an update from your video card manufacturer's website;
2. if your PC is equipped with TWO video cards, please make sure the high performance card is set as default, usually ATI/AMD or NVIDIA.

With integrated video cards (Intel type) is not guaranteed the proper functioning of Edificius.

If you still use an integrated card try to disable hardware acceleration as follows:
- open the menu File;
- select options;
- select “interface”:
- DISABLE the "Use hardware acceleration" option;
- click OK;
- restart Edificius;
- try again to make a selection rectangle

For the function keys you can refer to the following forum thread:

How to move the 3D:
- Press and hold the wheel to move the 3D view;
- Hold down the right mouse button to rotate the 3D view.


BrentPaul 2016-03-30 17:27:43

Thank you for those handy comments, John.

As you suggested, I disabled the "Use hardware acceleration" option, restarted Edificius and the selection rectangle displays fine now.

Panning around Views such as Floor Plan was what I was referring to in the video. Holding the mouse scroll wheel down, like in a browser, works fine. I sort of forgot about that. I'm so used to Alt-key or "P" or other combo in other software. Thanks for setting me on the right path there.

My Toshiba laptop is reasonable for normal graphic design but I realise it won't cut it for serious CAD/BIM design/rendering/drafting work these days. For now though, getting a handle on Edificius basics, it will do. I have my eye on some REAL SLICK desktop PC with large screen, for sure!

Again, much appreciated for your assistance and know-how, mate.


John 2016-03-31 10:11:37

To get the best out of Edificius I recommend choosing a a dedicated Video Card (not on board) with at least 2GB of memory.
If you want, you can send us your current system configuration by doing the following:

- open Edificius;
- go to the "File" menu;
- open "system info";
- click the "save" button.

you can then send us the file.