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Recording a video using the solar daytime simulator

Maurice 2016-03-08 16:30:31

Here's a new Technical support case that I wanted to share with our users.

I want to produce a video with a shadow simulation relating to the exact location and time of the day. How do I do that?

Edificius allows you to take advantage of the daylight shadow simulator. To produce a video, proceed as follows:
01] From the project navigator select the "3D VIEW" node or "REAL TIME RENDERING";
02] Do a right mouse button click on the selected node;
03] Choose "Add Perspective (playstructure)" or "Add Real Time Rendering";
04] From the Shadows Toolbar set "Date", "Dawn", "Sunset" and and possible "artificial lighting";
05] Start the shadow simulation;
06] Click on "REC" button to start recording;
07] Choose whether you prefer a Live recording or from a previously created Camera Roll - then the number of frames per second, etc;
08] Choose the Clock position with date and time;
09] Confirm with the green check icon;
10] Choose the path where you want to save the animation video file;
11] Click "Save" to start recording;

12] After recording you can view the video with your own VideoPlayer;
13] You'll also notice the clock showing the "Date" and "Time".