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Removing a louvre window's frame

Maurice 2016-03-08 15:05:37

This is technical support case sent by one of our users

I need to model a Louvre window but without the external frame. Is there a way of doing this?

Yes, you can. Simply proceed as follows:
1] In the project navigator, select the 3D view (default);
2] select the window;
3] From the "Properties" toolbox click and select "2° fixture model";
4] Click the "Opens the project catalogue editor" button (pen and paper icon);
5] Select the "Frame" node under the "Structure" section to the bottom right;
6] Deselect "Frame" in the Properties toolbox;
7] Confirm changes using the green Check - top center;
8] Open the 3D view.

A: Louvre Window WITH Frame
B: Louvre Window WITHOUT Frame