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Incorrect drawing scale when importing dxf/dwg CAD drawing

John 2016-02-15 10:25:39

I'm sharing this new technical support case

I have imported a dxf/dwg CAD drawing but it's appearing to be too large

To import your dxf/dwg CAD to the correct scale, the most important thing is to know in which scale it was created:
- if the drawing is in meters the "scale factor" is 1;
- if the drawing is in centimetres the "scale factor" is 0.01;
- if the drawing is in millimetres the "scale factor" is 0.001.


Tony 2022-02-24 14:13:07

if the unit of the dxf / dwg drawing is the foot, the dimension factor for importing in Edificius is 1, if it is the inch the factor is 1/12 = 0.083333.