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How to insert a line of trees

Maurice 2016-02-05 09:13:49

Here's another interesting technical support case

Is there a way of inserting a line of trees?

Yes, you can and to do so, choosing among the various tree types, bushes and plants, etc., simply proceed as follows:
1] access the "TERRAIN" modelling environment.
2] Open or create a PROJECT LEVEL .
3] From the objects menu, select "Vegetation".
4] From the "properties" toolbox, select the number of different vegetation types (max 3).
5] now choose the different model types.
6] choose whether to insert the vegetation along a Poly line or within an area.
7] now set "Density", "Size", "Scattering" and "Inclination".
8] draw the poly-line within the Level or in 3D view and press "Finish" to conclude vegetation input.