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Bruno Russo

Modify wall openings

Bruno Russo 2014-05-02 16:41:25

Hi. I'm working on a refurbishment project which has traditional window design, and I need to modify the wall opening.
What I need is a combination of two openings: the exterior one is a simple rectangular opening, which every windows of the catalog already have; but I need the interior reveal to go down to the floor, and not be limited by the sill height. Is it possible to do so?
The photo attached shows the interior side of the window I need to make.
Thanks in advance
Bruno 49883_1399041631_dsc_0028.jpg


John 2014-05-07 10:25:23

Dear sir,
in order to create the reveal as specified, try proceeding to these few steps:
- first of all, insert a window;
- in the properties toolbox, in the "Height Reference System" section, insert a Delta value = 0;
- under "Geometry", enter a value for the "window base height", let's say 1m;
- now, open this field (a ">" sign appears to the left), and insert a recess value;
- again, under Geometry, activate the check box for "Reveal" and define the reveal dimensions in the fields below by expanding the "reveal node".

Have a look at the attached image to see what you can obtain.

Please let us know if you encounter any difficulties.

Best Regards from the ACCA technical Support Team 676_1399451116_windows.jpg

Bruno Russo

Bruno Russo 2014-05-09 16:09:31

Thanks! Worked fine!