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Does anyone know how to convert a hip on the roof to a gable end?

User_615541 2015-09-05 13:31:28

I am trying to change two roof ends from hip to gable ends. Can anyone point me where to find the answer


John 2015-09-08 15:48:12

to edit the hip of a roof section try defining it using the "plane by three points" as described:
- select the roof slab;
- click the "Edit roof" button;
- select the inclination arrow;
- in the "Pitching Method" field in the Geometry toolbox select "through 3 points";
- now position 2 of the three points at the ends of the hip (in plan view);
- place the third point at the gutter line (in plan view);
- edit each node's height values (in 3D) to define the pitch.

Corellated Video: