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Training Course for learning how to use Edificius quickly and correctly

John 2015-08-27 11:24:05

To learn how to use the program don't lose the 5 lessons provided by the Training Course.
The lessons are designed for progressive learning and will engage you only for a short time. Just a small effort that will allow you to use software quickly and correctly.

Lesson #01: General presentation of software philosophy and functions
Lesson #02: The most common architectural objects and the main drawing functions
Lesson #03: Rendering, photomatching features, drawing models and their customization
Lesson #04: Other frequently used items and catalogue customization
Lesson #05: Dealing with Renovations and integration

Click the link to access the training course and follow the lessons:


User_623007 2016-03-05 12:43:16

Extremely useful for beginners.