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NO INTERNET CONNECTION! - Failed to login to my software subscription.

Tony 2022-10-20 14:49:54

If you're experiencing problems accessing your software subscription due to an Internet connection like the case below:

"Hi ACCA Tech Support!
Although I have an excellent internet connection, I can't seem to gain access to my Edificius RTBIM and PriMus-IFC Subscriptions.
I get an warning message saying that I need an internet connection to access the software.
All other services that use internet are functioning correctly.
Please help me solve the problem."

Here's how to solve the issue with a few simple settings.
Just set the TLS check boxes as shown in the >>Windows Internet Options panel<<


Tony 2023-02-27 09:17:10

Dear sir,
please check that your Firewall settings are not blocking access to the internet for the specificed software.
If your Windows TLS settings are correct, you should see teh Account login page.
Consult the guide here for details:

Let us know if you require further help.


Tony 2023-05-25 08:59:01

Hi Emma,
I suppose you've already tried following the TLS settings in the Connection Guide (attached here) but it may be due to not logging out from your Session that was launched from the other PC.
Let me know if you are still haveing problems at Login - we can go for a Remote support session just to check what's going on with your new PC.