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Two roofs intersecting,

Jigga 2022-02-10 00:41:20

Where two roofs meet perpendicular to each other how can you make one one roof open into another?

Attached screen shot.262463_1644450075_2022_02_09_1.png


madoniaivan 2022-02-10 10:47:03

Hello there

Please have a look at the attached images,

The a) b) and c) images shown basically what you have already obtained (and seems also a pretty good result).
Now you just need to re-open the roof editor of the main roof, select the roof and click the edit button from the ribbon ( d. image)
in the editor select the “sloped roof hole” object and follow the light grey background contour of the second roof in order to define the perimeter of the aperture as you can see in the e) and f) images. Click on finish.