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Alvaro Celis

How to move project from a specific point to world's origin (0,0,0)

Alvaro Celis 2021-10-04 20:06:47

Hi everyone,

I'd like to know how to move the whole project from a specific point in ground level, to the world's origin (0,0,0).

Also, I've seen in several tutorials you can change the origin of the object (pivot point). how do you do it?




madoniaivan 2021-10-05 11:55:20

Hi there
the answer to your question is: yes, BUT...

supposing you already created your full or partial building model:
- it can be an easy task if all the elements that compose your building are made in the same environment.
- if, instead your building elements come from different environments (i.e architectural and MEP or land) then you'll need to cover a few more steps.

Anyway, the basic concept is to insert on a 2D level, a reference point (guide point) and change its coordinates to 0,0,0. This element will be visible also from the 3D view and from there you can move the entire building in position 0,0,0 (x, y, z).
In case you have also elements designed in the MEP environment you will need to repeat this process separately also for those elements too.

please have a look at this video i just made to address your request.