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Copy of the print styles

John 2014-02-17 12:49:09

I've personalised some of the print styles. Can I copy them to other files?
Print styles, either they be created from scratch or simply personalised from other styles, can be saved and loaded in other project files.
- Open a drawing model;
- open the "STYLES and LAYERS MANAGEMENT in the Drawing Models" by clicking the "Styles" button and selecting "Edit";
- click "Save";
- and Edificius proposes the save window.
- Open a drawing model;
- open the "STYLES and LAYERS MANAGEMENT in the Drawing Models" by clicking the "Styles" button and selecting "Edit";
- click "Load";
- a window appears where you can choose the style file to load.
Click on the link below to see how to proceed:


Tony 2024-01-08 11:07:41

Hi and thanks for sending your request.
To be honest, if you are correctly save the .lyr file (which I'm sure you are) for your style customizations, the file should be saved in the specified path.
Would you mind showing me with a quick video how you are saving the syles File so I can see where the problem is and try to provide you with the relating solution.



Tony 2024-01-08 11:43:03

Thanks so Much for your time and the video.
Although I can't really see much given the resolution, It seems you are saving introducing the Filename and the File Extension ".lyr" which isn't needed.

Anyway, Would you like to connect with me vie Remote support so I can see directly?
The Saving function is working correctly with our Installations.
If you don't mind connecting, please run this APP:

Please provide me with your Screen name so I can find you online as soon as you are Available.



Tony 2024-01-08 11:48:44

OK, Perfect
See you in 2 Minutes!


Tony 2024-01-08 12:29:52

Hi again,
thanks for your patience earlier during Remote Support.
I have found the error and it seems that with multiple style settings, the .Lyr file isn't getting saved.
The problem has already been identified and Fixed.
I'll let you know if we'll be sending you a patch or releasing and update.

Please bare with me a while!

Thanks again.



Tony 2024-01-08 15:00:23

sorry to keep you waiting but I'm providing this Link to download the Fix for you and solve the issue brought up this morning concerning Visual Styles Saving.

Once you download the file, please unzip it to your Desktop. You'll find it contains two folders the contents of which must be Copied directly to your Edificius Installation Folder (by default c:\ACCA\Edificius).

The 2 folders are: BIN64 and EN.

First of all, please be sure to have closed Edificius then simply Open your Root directory (right mouse button click on the software icon and select "Open file Location").
Now you can copy the 2 Folders extracted from the ZIP in this location and Overwrite the Previous Versions.
For extra safety, you can rename the Previous Folders adding a "Old_" in front of the names, For example "Old_BIN64 - Old_EN".

At this point, you can launch Edificius and Try out the same Saving procedure we went through this morning.
I hope this Allows you to continue working with Edificius!

Best Regards


Tony 2024-01-08 16:42:48

Great to hear it!

Thanks for your feedback.