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How to copy properties from other objects and use them in the current project.

John 2014-02-17 12:39:49

I'm opening this new discussion to share a technical support request.

Some of our users have been asking if Edificius allows us to create an archive of "styles" to have at hand and available in every project.

Edificius allows you to use the properties of other objects already used in other projects in the current project. This extraordinary feature is made available by using the "Copy Properties (default)" tool.
The "Copy Properties (default)" feature is simple, very intuitive and practical, allowing you to easily copy the properties of an object directly from the drawing, either in 2D or 3D view, and without having to learn complex procedures and without having to go through lists of styles as with other programs.
The "Copy Properties (default)" feature requires you to "sample" the properties of a given object, for example a window, acquiring its width, length, height, materials, etc from either the currently active document, or even from a different project. These very same object properties are then set as default for future use when having to insert the same object type.
To have the customised objects at hand, either they be simple, such as, elevation markers, labels, etc., or more complex ones like, windows, doors, gutters or sun awnings, etc., apart from being able to acquire properties from single projects, they can also be collected while you work, in a "template project" that you can open together with your active project and from which you can acquire the various object properties using the "Copy Properties (default)" command.

Click on the following link to see how the "Copy Properties (default)" command works: