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How to delete a knee-out starting bay

Cosimo 2019-09-02 17:01:12

Here's another interesting technical support case

I have a scaffolding layut upon which I have configured a Kneew out starting bay. Now I need to delete it. How can I modify the scaffolding without having start remodelling it?

To delete a knee out starting bay, simply proceed as follows:

1) Select the scaffolding (for example select an upright) so that the Magnetic grid (blue three-dimensional grid) is highlighted
Click Here to view an image of Step_01

2) Select one of the vertical sections of the MagneticGrid belonging to the knee-out section;
verify that you have selected the knee-out start by checking the Characteristics section on the right of the inspector
Click Here to view an image of Step_02

3) Delete using the Delete key from the keyboard
Click Here to view an image of Step_03

This way the knee-out starting bay will be deleted and will then restore the scaffold model to its original condition;
A similar procedure can be used to delete objects such as the outrigged starting bay or Double posts.