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How to use a custom scaffolding model saved in the BIM User Object Library

Cosimo 2019-08-30 16:05:02

Here's a new technical support request.

I created a new scaffolding model and saved it in the User BIM Object Library but when using I try to use it in the BIM editor, it doesn't appear in the list of available models. Is there a way to simplify it?

The program automatically filters the custom models view for the User BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY, depending on the type of scaffolding that you have chosen to use in your Scaffolding model.

As an example: Let's assume that you want to use a prefabricated frame scaffolding, previously defined and saved in the BIM OBJECTS LIBRARY User.
From the graphic objects menu select the object Frame scaffolding, when you access the User BIM objects library only the previously customized prefabricated frame models will be visible; select the model that you need to use in your scaffolding project file.

Click Here to see an illustration