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How to define a starting deck using tubes and couplers in a Prefabricated Frame scaffolding

Cosimo 2019-08-29 18:46:42

Here's an interesting technical support issue that I wanted to share wit our CerTus SCAFFOLDING users

How can I define the entire starting deck from ground level using Tubes and couplers in a scaffolding structure mainly base on prefabricated frames

To model the scaffolding structure combined with theese two types of elements simply use the "Tube and Coupler" object available in the BIM Editor, under the graphical objects menu.

Proceed as follows: 
define a prefabricated frame scaffolding.
Having selected this object from the menu, the software will then highlight the faces on which it can be applied in yellow;

In this specific case, click on the area corresponding to the first deck.
You'll be able to see a prefabricated frame with tubes and couplers is added as a starting deck for the entire scaffolding structure.

See the illustration image available   here