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Exporting the 3D model of the construction site

Patricio 2020-01-16 11:14:01

This support ticket was sent in by one of our users.

I wanted to export the 3D model of a construction site as a 3D Model.
Is there a specific function that allows me to do this?

To export your construction site as a 3D model, you can follow these few steps:
- open the "3D view";
- from the "File" menu, choose "Exports" and from the submenu select one of these 3D Model formats (obj, skp, dae (collada), stl and ply);
- now choose a path where you want to save the exporeted model by typing in the filename and confirm with "save"

Click HERE to see an illustration of this simple export procedure in the various 3D model formats obj, skp, dae (collada), stl, ply.

To enable model export, you need to have "3D View" opened. If you have a simply Plan view active, the export feature wioll only allow you to export in dxf, dwg, file formats.