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Use a specific 3D model

User_1489789 2022-10-23 03:05:36

I would like to use a beam like a 3D model, but when I search for beam don't appear in 3D model, just appear in category beam and columns, so I import for the model and the object go to the folder beam and columns. And I don't knw where I have to go to import the beam import for the model, I want to import the beam to represent/show and storage area for beam.



madoniaivan 2022-10-24 09:55:58

Hi there
Nice question
In this case you don't need the beam as a parametric BIM object, therefore I would suggest you to use a simple extrusion solid profile to represent the beams. By applying the procedure as shown in the attached image you will be able to insert a bunch of beams with just one click (saving a lot of time and troubles).